Is my company a good investment prospect?

Is my company a good investment prospect?


I’m considering trying to find investors for my business. What makes a company a good investment prospect?

The key thing is to reduce the investor’s risk as much as possible.

There are several ways in which you can do this, including:

  • Having a board of advisors
  • Establishing partnerships
  • Having a proper marketing campaign
  • Demonstrating demand for your product or service amongst your customer base.

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Dave Lavinsky
Dave Lavinsky is the co-founder of Growthink, a Los Angeles-based consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs identify and pursue new opportunities, develop business plans, raise capital and build growth strategies. He is the author of Start at The End (Wiley, 2012). Lavinksy has guest lectured at universities, developed more than 100 business plans and has written hundreds of articles on entrepreneurship, business planning and raising capital. He is also a serial entrepreneur, having started and exited multiple Internet and product-focused ventures.