Please help me impress funders?

Please help me impress funders?


I’m ready to start looking for funding for my new business. How can I present my idea in the most attractive way to potential investors?

Do your homework before approaching funders. Your funding request needs to provide information in three crucial areas:

  • Who are the people behind the idea?
  • What is the idea?
  • How will the funders get their investment back?

Also have all the relevant information about your business at your fingertips, including a proper business plan. You need to display sufficient knowledge, information and numbers about your business to convince funders that you’re a good prospect.

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Brad Sugars
Brad Sugars is a startup expert and the writer of 14 business books including “The Business Coach”, “Instant Cashflow”, “Successful Franchising” and “Billionaire in Training”. He is the founder of ActionCOACH, a business coaching franchise.