How do we grow our business without losing the core of what...

How do we grow our business without losing the core of what we set out to do and be right at the beginning?


Chris Wilkins, founder of software company DVT, has built his business into an employer of 400 people. He believes that what DVT does hasn’t changed, but how they do it has.

“You have to grow a business for it to survive and despite what MBA students might think, you have to make a lot of it up as you go along,” he says. “It’s an ‘if needs must’ approach. The needs of a growing business change all the time, and you have to accommodate that growth by making adjustments as you go along. The most important element for us has been hiring more people, and more senior people. As an entrepreneur, you have to know when it’s time to bring in employees that do what you used to do so that you can occupy your time with developing and evolving the business.”

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