Will participating in a trade show take mybusiness to the next level?

Will participating in a trade show take mybusiness to the next level?


I’m thinking of participating in a trade show for my industry but have no experience exhibiting my business. Where can I find out what will be required before I commit to anything in writing?

Exhibitor training is now available online, via the exhibitor instruction manual, a 205-page e-book, that is divided into 6 individual e-books, allowing exhibitors to download the whole manual, or only the parts they need.

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The 6 e-books cover:

  1. Successful exhibition strategy
  2. Powerful exhibition promotions
  3. Exhibition stand & display guide
  4. Easy Exhibition stand logistics
  5. Successful stand staff
  6. Lead management and post-show promotions.

Less than 15% of exhibitors have received any form of exhibitor training, yet they spend thousands on stands and displays. Training on key areas like pre-show and post-show promotions alone, can improve results by 300% or more.

Joy Donovan
Joy Donovan is managing director of Lester Donovan Group (Pty) Ltd., a well-known exhibition company, having organised over 200 exhibitions, designed and built stands and displays for thousands of companies and trained over 8 000 exhibitors, all over southern Africa, over the last 40 years. Their web site www.exhibitor.co.za, is a mine of free information for exhibitors.