Why is my business not growing as expected?

Why is my business not growing as expected?


I think that I’m doing all the right things to create growth in my business, but it’s just not happening and I can’t figure out why. What could I be doing wrong?

You need to investigate why the strategies that you’ve put in place aren’t resulting in the anticipated growth. For instance, you may have implemented a new sales drive, but it may just be that sales cycles are longer and conversion ratios are lower. Once you know why the growth isn’t happening, you can factor in the unforeseen challenges and adapt your expectations and your strategy accordingly.

The bottom line is that your growth problem may not be a growth problem at all, it may be a strategy problem.

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Kevin Mackenzie
Kevin has 19 years of diverse entrepreneurial and consulting experience. He is the founder of Conversations in Growth a boutique consultancy specialising in the understanding of and working with strategy in practice. CIG has engaged multiple management teams, of various sizes and industries. CIG has developed a robust and practical set of thinking tools, frameworks and insights required to engage and operationalise strategy. Kevin founded and manages Floyd's 99 and Stuf.co.za. Kevin guest lectures on growth strategy at Gibs and the CT Graduate School of Business as well as delivering talks to management teams busy with their strategy formation and management process. Contact Kevin here.