I want to implement yearly interviews to make sure my staff is...

I want to implement yearly interviews to make sure my staff is happy and not likely to cross over to my competitor. What are some questions I can ask?


In order to determine if you run the risk of losing employees, you need to think like one. Get inside the heads of your prize employees and think about things they think about:

  • Does the company value my work? If an employee doesn’t feel valued for the work they do, they’re not likely to stick around long.
  • Am I being trained to do my job better or move into a better position? No one wants the same job year on year. Variety prevents boredom and providing scope for added responsibility will make them feel more valued.
  • Is there open communication at work? Without open lines of communication or fearing management, workers can’t tell you if they’re unhappy, unsatisfied or wanting more scope in their job description.
  • Do I feel challenged? Boredom is almost as bad as a horrible work environment. Achieving goals and completing challenges gives a sense of pride and accomplishment – very important elements in job satisfaction.
  • Are the decisions made at work fair and through the right channels? Favouritism is the quickest way to put noses out of joint. It’s also a big demoraliser and demotivator.
  • Do my values match with those of the company? A mismatch in values will result in an employee feeling unhappy. While you shouldn’t change your company values to suit every employee, this will help you assess whether they’re the right fit in the first place and whether there is a systemic flaw in your company values that are not aligned with your employees.