My company is going to go through some changes soon to enhance...

My company is going to go through some changes soon to enhance its operations. How can I prepare my staff so they embrace the change?


Your staff can be your greatest change agents or can dig in their heels if they aren’t prepared for change. For many, change is a scary thing, so to help them cope here are some tips:

  • Talk about change – if things are kept behind closed doors, staff are going to feel uncomfortable and powerless about the changes ahead. If they hear you talk about change, they can help make it happen.
  • Have clear expectations – alchemists can’t change lead into gold. While your business can undergo a lot of change for the better, there is only so much that can occur over a period of time. Included in expectations is making sure staff are clear on their role in making the change happen – it’s part of their responsibility.
  • Measure, monitor and support – change can be a stressful situation for some people. As company procedure changes, keep an eye on your staff to see how they’re coping. Have meetings with them where they can speak openly about what they can do more of and what they’re having trouble adjusting to.
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