What should I ask a potential new hire?

What should I ask a potential new hire?


I’m ready to hire my first employee but I have never recruited staff before. What are good questions for me to ask in the interview?

You need to match your questions to the position. What does the position require in terms of skills and abilities? Once you know what you’re looking for, you can tailor your questions accordingly.

Don’t just ask the standard interview questions that you’ll find in a Google search. Throw in some random questions to see how the candidate deals with the unexpected.

It’s not just about qualifications and experience, you also need to establish that the person will fit in with your company culture. If they need to be a team player, you may want to put them into a team situation as part of the interview to see how they cope.

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Shari Alexander
Sharí Alexander is a communication specialist in helping leaders increase their influence.