Can I do my own marketing?

Can I do my own marketing?


Is it advisable for a business owner to do their own marketing or should they hire a professional?

If you own a very small business, and have an intimate understanding of your customers, perhaps, you can. But because marketing today is such a specialised, diverse, fast-moving and complex business science, few organisations can afford to put together a top notch team that covers all of its disciplines and job roles.

There are many facets to marketing – PR, marketing, branding and advertising and across many traditional and digital channels, so it is hard to build expertise in each of these disciplines.

And then, throw in how important technology and data are becoming in marketing as another complexity for anyone who wants to do all of this in-house. Even the best marketing manager cannot master all of these fields.

Hire in help

Control the budget yourself, and guide the strategy in collaboration with your agency. Then pull in specialised teams to consult and execute where they can do it better or cheaper.

The specialists have deep knowledge in their industries, and devote themselves to keeping up to date with fast-moving fields such as search engine optimisation, social media and the youth market.

They can bring experience and expertise that no internal team can build without being together for many years. These experts have made the mistakes, learnt the lessons, and seen it all. Most importantly, they offer perspective that many in-house marketers lose because they tend to see the world through company blinkers.

Pete Case
Pete Case founded Gloo in 2005 after moving to South Africa in 2000 from the UK. Since then, the company has grown into one of the country’s most awarded digital agencies, winning the coveted Digital Agency of the Year award seven times running between 2007 and 2013. Case has earned recognition globally at the Emmys, Cannes, and Clios. He’s the first digital representative to be appointed to the Creative Circle committee, and was voted the most respected creative director in the MarkLives 2013 survey of Johannesburg’s top advertising agencies. He has also been invited to judge local and international awards including: Promax, the Clios, Webbys, One Show, Dubai Lynx, Bookmarks, Loeries and the BDA awards.