I offer a much better product in comparison to my competitors, but...

I offer a much better product in comparison to my competitors, but they seem to be get much more media attention than me.How can I improve the exposure of my business?


In the same way that customers will buy something based on its perceived value, media tends to publish material that has perceived value to their readership.

In order to gain more visibility in the media you firstly need to work on building relationships with writers from trade magazines, local newspapers, and other publications that your target market would be interested in.

From there, work on presenting your product or service in a way that serves a purpose other than self-promotion. In other words, if you are able to provide useful and relevant information that includes (but not entirely centered on) the benefits of using your product or service, you will find it easier to appear in media. The aim of this exercise is to present yourself as a tough-leader.

On that note, in order to appear as a tough-leader, you need to cultivate that image with your peers in the industry. This means attending and speaking at events, conferences and exhibitions. If there aren’t many of these in your sector, consider conducting webinars or publishing written work that can be sent to media houses.

If this sounds daunting, assess your budget and look for a reputable PR firm to do the leg work for you. Understand that it will take some trial and error for your PR firm to fine tune a pitch that will generate media attention for you, but do monitor them to ensure you’re getting a return for your money.