How can I make the most of my SMS campaigns?

How can I make the most of my SMS campaigns?


My marketing includes SMS campaigns, how can I improve my communication and improve my response rate?

It’s great that you’re joining the mobile marketing world, and with hundreds of messages, of any type, received every day, you need to stand out from the crowd.

In many respects, SMS marketing is better than email marketing. Recent IBM research shows that 90% of email marketing goes unopened and unread.

The opposite is true for text marketing in that 90% of text messages get read and acted on. That’s a huge response rate!

But let’s make one thing clear: Successful email marketing strategies will not work for text messaging. Like any marketing tool – you need to use it correctly.

So, our tips to improve your response rate and stand out from the crowd are:

Set expectations

No one wants to receive excessive numbers of SMSes – not even from their best friend. If you send too many messages, people will quickly ask to be removed from your list.

That’s why it’s great to tell them upfront, how many messages they’ll receive from you each year.

Hint: keep the number low, I recommend no more than 12 per year.

Consider your audience

Know who you want to target and ensure sure your message is reaching the right people, do some of groundwork and decide what demographic you’re aiming your campaign towards.

Use existing data and dig deep – once you have some clear parameters you can then tailor your message to have maximum appeal to your target audience.

What’s in it for me?

Consumers are looking for benefits, make it worth the recipient’s while reading. Make the content engaging and the offer attractive and you’ll catch their attention. Self-promotion won’t work – there has to be something worthwhile for the customer to respond to.

What do you want them to do?

Getting your customer to respond to your message is essential, and without a strong call to action a campaign is worthless. So dangle a carrot, and make it valuable for your customers by offering an incentive to get in touch.

Track and trace

Your message is out there, so now it’s time to track its effectiveness. Measure your results so you can adapt and improve future campaigns to make them more effective.

Charles Stretch
Charles Stretch is the managing director of SMSPortal. Established in 2002, it has grown to be SA’s largest bulk SMS provider sending 100 million SMS a month (the total market is 230 million SMS). Contact for more information.
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