How do I make sure my website will add value to my...

How do I make sure my website will add value to my business and help it grow?


How do I make sure my website will add value to my business and help it grow?

A good website is a financial investment that requires a great deal of time and thought. To truly make the most of it, you need to hire an agency that will create a top-quality site tailored to your needs – there’s no point in going for a bargain-basement web studio.


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With a well-thought out and detailed brief, a creative agency can develop a bespoke solution that uniquely represents your company – making your website an invaluable business tool.


Ultimately, your website reflects who you are as a business, and should act as an extension of a company’s brand. Clicks alone aren’t enough to measure your website’s success. Great web design helps generate traffic. Beautiful, clean design is essential: a website should look striking, but also embody the less-is-more aesthetic, keeping users engaged but not overwhelmed.


If your site isn’t easily usable, visitors will get impatient and navigate away. A website must have a well-constructed site map and an easily navigable interface. A website with a strong structure can be easily adapted to changing technologies, ensuring longevity.

A good agency will build your website from scratch, specifically modelled for your business. For example, at PURE we run through a detailed process involving content mapping, user interface design (ui) and user experience streamlining, while taking care to address functionality and cross device browsing.

Mobile responsiveness

It is crucial that a website can adapt to the wide range of devices that are used for web access today. Responsive design ensures your website can adapt to optimise to whichever device it is being viewed on; this feature will no doubt soon become the industry standard.

Utilising Content

No matter how beautiful a website may be, it’s nothing if it’s not backed up with fresh, interesting content. Quality copywriting, beautiful graphics and world-class images make up a flexible resource worth investing in: this content can then easily be upcycled across a wide variety of social media platforms.


While engaging content and striking design is essential to keep an audience interested, getting them there in the first place is half the battle.

Good SEO planning helps ensure that your website comes to the top of the list when a potential customer looks for your service. However, SEO writing should never be done at the expense of quality, as search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to find relevant pages. 


Offering an e-commerce aspect to your site can help drive engagement and sales if done properly. Beautiful design and ease of use can help cement consumer confidence, ensuring they’ll always return for more.

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Andrew Burke
ANDREW BURKE is the Creative Director and Founder of PURE CREATIVE, a premium design agency working with clients regionally, nationally and globally. Andrew has worked as a Creative Director in both the UK and South Africa for a wide on a wide variety of prestigious custom and consumer titles. He founded PURE CREATIVE in 2006 when he saw a niche for a media company operating across all media platforms. Today, Pure Creative is a leader in web design, publishing and branding.