How do I market my crowd-funding business?

How do I market my crowd-funding business?


I’ve just started a crowd-funding business but have no idea how or where to go about marketing it. Please can you give me some advice?

Crowd funding is an exciting opportunity for the average person to find ways to bring projects to life, and this is where social media plays a big role. And this is exactly where social media advertising is your best bet for targeted messages at lower costs.

Promoted posts

Consider using the Promoted Posts options for specific messages that promote what the website does, and target these to very specific interests on Facebook.

The tighter you target the messages (down to age group, city and interests), the higher your return (ultimately you want users on the website, not just likes on Facebook) for the least amount of money. You can also set the budgets and limits to suit your needs.

Start small then grow

Start with a small budget of R50 to R100 and play around with different ways to target each post, when you’ve found what works best – up the budget when you’re able to.

That way you’re not shelling out much money, and you’re gaining exposure and traction.

You could also consider taking out specific Facebook ads that link directly to your website eventually – but be sure to have a slightly bigger budget that will give you the best exposure on a CPC (cost per click) basis.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, as long as you’re getting your brand out there.

Jason Perelson
Jason Perelson is the PR and social media manager for national strategic branding agency Boomtown. Perelson works closely with the digital department and award winning creative team to conceptualise, strategise and implement campaigns that are impactful, creative, and on message.