How should I maintain my business’s facebook page to keep interest?

How should I maintain my business’s facebook page to keep interest?


Firstly, don’t assume that because you have a facebook page that you’re reaching your customer.

Make sure that you’ve done your research and that your customers are on Facebook in the first place. Assuming this is the case you need to do the following:

Update your page regularly

It’s not enough to make a page and hope people ‘like’ it. And don’t assume that once people ‘like’ it, they will keep paying attention.

If you never update your page, it’s not going to appear on your followers’ news feeds and you’re going to be forgotten in favour of who just got changed their relationship status to single and the latest tagged photos.

Be relevant

When we say update your page regularly, we mean a) update it with relevant info or news that would interest your followers, and b) don’t spam.

Remember, your customers have a particular profile with certain shared interests (one of which includes your brand), so take advantage of the information you already have to tailor the updates you provide.

Use this space to promote new products or services, provide product information, promotions or discounts. But most of all, engage your followers and listen to what they’re talking about.

Through their input you can gain a great opportunity to stay relevant in a fast changing world.

Get real ‘likes’

No one likes a cheater. And if you’re a small business with 50 million ‘likes’ it’s going to be as obvious as a toupee that they’re one of the 83 million fake Facebook accounts used by companies to gain popularity through herding tactics.

Get real ‘likes’ by endorsing existing pages such as fan pages. Add Favourite pages and show your followers you brand is aligned with common interests. Sharing is caring.

Give followers the option to share your content. It’s also more visible than the ‘like’ button. Create dialogue and engage with your followers. Embed videos. The Facebook generation loves Youtube. Give them something to watch. But remember, be relevant.

But I don’t have the time…

Maintaining a presence in social media is important for your business. But it is a job that requires thought and time.

If you can’t maintain your page, consider hiring someone who can do it for you. Alternatively approach a digital media agency who can maintain your page for you.


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