I was wondering if businesses should make use of free resources to...

I was wondering if businesses should make use of free resources to get their businesses websites online such as woza, Get Africa Online?


Of course you can. Why not? This seems like a perfect solution for new businesses just starting out.

If you feel that a ‘Free Website By’ or ‘Powered by South African Business Woza Online’ by won’t hurt your business, then go ahead.

In fact, when I visited some of these sites, they do make a good impression. And according to some of the testimonials, it’s quite easy to use. (I never used their system before, so you have to rely on their testimonials.)

With virtually no apparent downside, you can go ahead.

Just read the terms and conditions carefully, since there are a couple of restrictions. Make sure that you can accept those restrictions within your particular situation.

The one major restriction is that you may use your WOZA websites only for marketing purposes. In a lot of cases, this restriction is no problem at all. But for a business that provide online customer service using this website, for example, this might become a problem. Just find out before you start.

A single piece of advice is to determine the purpose of your website beforehand. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can compare your goal/purpose with what these free services have to offer.

If these services can’t help you, you can always search other alternatives how you could build a website without these restrictions and still without it costing you anything. There are other alternatives too, which takes a little more sweat.

Once your business grew bigger than what these websites can offer, then you can start thinking about more customized websites.

Francois du Toit
Francois du Toit helps business owners who are frustrated with their lack of control over their websites. Ezywebsites.co.za provides an easy-to-use website building tool, with comprehensive instructional videos to regain full control. He is an entrepreneur, web developer, Joomla teacher and copywriter.