Is there a way to get local news coverage for my business?

Is there a way to get local news coverage for my business?


Most print editors and producers find out about interesting businesses, products and stories from press releases.

You can hire a marketing team or PR agency to assist you in putting together a professional and effective press release that will get you the local news coverage that you are looking for. You might also want to get a press kit together to send out.
There are a few elements that you should include in a press kit:

  • A company biography
  • Promotional cards or brochures
  • Photos and testimonials
  • Samples of your work where possible
  • Any articles or blogs that have been written about your company

If you don’t have the cash to hire someone to help you with this right now then you can simply phone around and get the names, numbers and email addresses of network producers and editors and send out the press releases yourself.

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