We started in April 2011, research showed lots of interest in the...

We started in April 2011, research showed lots of interest in the idea, and all potential clients are very excited – but no sales to date! We use social media, networking etc. What are we doing wrong?


Having a lot of “interested people” is a great thing to start from. But it can be a big challenge and lead you into the wrong direction: If people “like” something, is does not say anything regarding their will to buy.

You also mentioned that the clients are “excited”. Well, what does this mean?

I am excited about the newest Ferrari, but does this mean, I will buy one? No! Not at all! Because I neither have the money nor would I want to be driving around with one in my area.

My advice for you:

You seem to be in contact with your potential clients, so ask them the following questions:

  1. Would you use the product right now, if you would get it for free? Would you recommend it to your friends and family as well?
  2. If you could test the product for 30 days and be happy with it, how much would you be willing to pay for it? What value would it generate for you?
  3. If there would be a “no risk, 30 day money back, customer satisfaction guarantee”, what is holding you back from buying it immediately?
  4. What are you missing by not using it?
  5. Are you interested in testing the product, giving us feedback and write a review about it, if you like it?

I do not recommend posting these questions via twitter to all of your clients! Get in touch with 10, 20, 30 of them and learn from their answers. I have no idea how much your product costs, but if you can give it to these clients for a very little price in return for their time, you have your first paying clients!

In my former business in the IT industry it was very common, to “buy” projects from clients. This means, they got their software development for very little money and to return this favor, they became a reference customer. Having a customer you can promote to show what your fantastic product can do, is one of the best marketing stories you can dream of.

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