What are the print advertising options for my small business?

What are the print advertising options for my small business?


Print Flyers

This is a great advertising option for smaller budgets. If you are working with a tight budget then flyers are one of the best options for advertising your business. Even though designing and printing the flyers is cheap, you also have to have the work motivation and man power to get them into the hands of the right people.

This would include placing them under windscreen wipers, leaving them in stores and offices or dropping them off at the homes of possible customers

Publications and Newspapers

The most important step in deciding on the right publications is to figure out where your best prospects look for information on the products or services that you sell. A good prospect is someone who has a need for what you are selling and has the means to buy it.

Prospects that fit this description should be targeted first.  Where do your ideal prospects look when they want to buy the kind of product or service you sell?  This will be the most important part of your research process. So instead of deciding on publications or newspapers with wide, general reader, choose those that cater directly for your ideal prospects.

Response Rate

Since not every reader sees every page of the newspaper, it takes many insertions to gain enough frequency with a specific target market for a message to sink in and for you to possibly get a response. The frequency of your message will also depend on how complex your marketing message is and what you are offering.

Phonebook Adverts

This option depends on the market. Digital advertising is essential for all businesses but there is a large market that buys products and services through other media such as radio, billboards, TV, direct mail and the Yellow Pages.

Even though most people will go online to research and look for a product or service, many people still pick up a printed directory to look for local businesses while they are at home. Some of these businesses would include plumbers, garden services, electricians and fast food establishments. So the best route would be to carefully study the demographics of your current market and find out what their thoughts are on using phonebooks.

Another option to consider is using an online directory for your advertising. This will give you the exposure that you need and your advert would take clients directly to your website, thus improving your ranking at the same time. In time you will also come up as a highly ranked business when people search for your specific products or services.

Which publications should I place an advert to maximise my business reach. Is it worth dealing with a communications company to source potential clients?

One of the best places to start is to advertise through Chamber of Commerce publications. These publications offer members meaningful business intelligence, opportunities for growth, and links to local and international partners, suppliers and markets.

Hire a specialist

Without knowledge of your business and which markets you wish to reach, it is recommended that you consult with a specialist. They specialise in managing the internal and external communications, including advertising and marketing of organisations.

They are familiar with the workings of the various media worlds, such as television, radio, and print journalism. They are the liaison, or representative, between the companies, or group they represent and the media, including newspaper, magazine, and broadcast news editors and reporters.

Using a Public Relations Company can work well as it uses a third party – the media – to communicate a company’s brand values and, thereby establishes credibility for a business.

Free resources

There are free online Business Directories if you want to plan your own advertising and branding campaign.

Free resource: The online South African Business Directory

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