What is the cheapest method of sending out bulk mailers?

What is the cheapest method of sending out bulk mailers?


Standard Mailer Programmes

Your standard Outlook or Entourage software is not ideal for bulk email purposes, however should you wish to use such programmes you can hide the email addresses by inputting them into the BCC box. Input your own email address into the ‘To’ box. Each mail address should be separated with a ;

Example: johnsmith@company.co.za; siphodhlamini@gmail.com

It is advisable to send out small batches of mails at a time to avoid being pegged as a spammer. Send no more than 10 at a time using the BCC method.

Cheap Bulk Mailer Software

  • ConstantContact.com is a bulk mailing application that is on offer from $15 per month. A free 60-day trial is available.
  • MyListManager.co.za is a bulk mail and sms solution available from R100 per month. A free trial is available.
  • Gnetmail.co.za is an email and newsletter application available from 2c per email. A free trial version is available.

Free Bulk Mailer Programmes

  • Sendblaster.com is a free bulk email application which allows you to send up to 100 000 free mailers per month. A professional version is also available for a monthly subscription fee.

A Note of Caution
: Check the terms & conditions section of the agreement before you download. Before downloading any application, ensure your PC is adequately protected with anti-virus software and spyware detection.


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