I’m running my own business and am struggling with stress. How can...

I’m running my own business and am struggling with stress. How can I cope better so I can live to see my business succeed?


Practice the following tips to get a better grip on your stress and then spend time locating the source of your stress so you can address it.

  • Sleep! It’s hard when your mind is going a hundred miles a minute thinking of all things business. Make sure you have a regular bed-time (that you stick to) and put your work to bed long before you call it a night, yourself. Sleep is important to making quick and good decisions. Consistent insufficient sleep will leave the brain muddled and slow. Quick naps are also beneficial for giving the brain a quick boost.
  • Think positive. Try re-frame things that drive you crazy into something positive. For example, if a client keeps rejecting your offers, think of it as a step closer to a “yes”.
  • Daydream. No one can concentrate for hours on end. So allow your mind time to wander off. Not only does it give you a break, but it also opens up the opportunity for a creative revelation. Close the email, put the phone off the hook (and silence your cellphone), and just doodle for five to ten minutes.
  • Laugh. It sounds simple and at times a lot easier said than done, but the thing about humour is that it is based on the absurd or unexpected. Watch funny videos on YouTube, read a funny blog or columnist, and let your brain learn about new, unexpected things. Laughing also releases endorphins and raises oxygen levels, making you feel happy and energised.
  • Sleep sleep sleep… Thats the pattern I need to change. I just find it so much more productive to work when everyone’s sleeping. Eish