I am student who wants to do a workshop on entrepreneurship that...

I am student who wants to do a workshop on entrepreneurship that will assist me in developing a workshop for others who want to take this route after university. Where do I start?


There are a number of mentorship and entrepreneurship programmes run locally that you can explore as options.

They include:

The Business Skills for South Africa (BSSA) Foundation is a private sector agency established by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Industrial Chamber with the objective to support SMEs. It operates nationally.

  • Visit www.bssa.co.za
  • Email enquiry@bssa.co.za
  • Call +27 (0)12 349 1777

The Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) provides small business support through a grid of Seda-coordinated information and advice access points. It operates nationally.

The Business Place is a network of walk-in centres for entrepreneurs – with relevant support and information services clustered under one roof.

Business Partners makes the services of experienced business people available to entrepreneurs in SMEs in South Africa.

Enterprise SA offers support through a secure online facility. The aim is to improve access to information, networks, expertise and business services.

You should do some research on what these programmes offer, and whether or not they are in line with your needs. You can also look at The Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship and find out what the requirements to join are.

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