Can you help me network better?

Can you help me network better?


What are the top mistakes people make when networking and how do you overcome them?

One big mistake is not being able to convey to other people who you are, what you do and how one can benefit from your product or service, in a clear, crisp, captivating way.

My suggestion is that you develop an exciting “elevator pitch”, practice it, know it and be who you are. Be passionate and unrehearsed in your execution. Long winded and boring does not cut it.

Make sure you have business cards to pass on, have extras close at hand.

Remember, you are your business so present yourself appropriately, yes networking can have a social feel, but image is still important.

Finally, you are there to find leads that will benefit and grow your business, so step out of your comfort zone and take the floor!

Darren Ryder
Darren Ryder is a business mentor at The Hope Factory, specialising in helping SMMEs establish and grow their businesses. He is passionate about South Africa and believes entrepreneurs will play a big role in our future economic development. Historically he has started and run his own business, having come out of full time ministry and 16 years in the manufacturing and textile industry, with a sales and analytical background.