The goals I set for myself and my business never seem to...

The goals I set for myself and my business never seem to work out. What am I doing wrong?


It’s frustrating and can be very demotivating when goals you set don’t work out. More importantly, running a successful business is about planning, setting goals, and implementing the task necessary in achieving them.

If you don’t have a proper understanding of the process in achieving goals, failure is an unfortunate reality. There are four common problems associated with setting goals:

  • Vague. A vague goal is very general and therefore hard to target. The more specific the goal the more focused your strategy and tasks in achieving it.
  • Commitment. As a business owner and a leader, you need your staff to buy in to your goals as if they were their own. You are far more likely to achieve a goal that you and your staff are committed to, than one that only has a partial following.
  • Difficulty. It’s always good to shoot for the moon, but you need to be realistic and aware of your capabilities. If it’s too hard, you will not achieve your goal. If it’s too easy, you’re not going to get that sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving goals. Try balance achievability with challenge. Knowing it’s reachable will be energising to all involved.
  • Broadcasting. Although it can be a good idea to tell others of your goals, you are also exposing yourself to criticism. All it takes is a good jab to deflate your morale and motivation.