What are some of the attributes of great entrepreneurs that I can...

What are some of the attributes of great entrepreneurs that I can develop in myself?


We believe that there are recurring traits in many of these great leaders that others can develop in their own character to better themselves and their business. Here are five baby steps you can take on your road to success and greatness:

  • Work hard and play hard – none of the great entrepreneurs got where they did by sitting on their laurels, or giving up when things got tough or they heard ‘no’ for the thousandth time. Great entrepreneurs work a lot more hours than the average person, but at the same time, when they chill out, they chill out properly.
  • Keep talking to customers – A good businessman will spend more time in direct contact with their customers than an average one. The reason this results in greater success is because you continuously have your ear to the ground and understand the needs of your customer.
  • Always look to tomorrow – While many great entrepreneurs have an acute awareness that time is limited, they also take time out to review the company’s performance and plan for the future with better, more efficient systems and product offerings.
  • Avoid time-wasters – related to the previous point about how time is limited, successful business people spend less time in meetings and resolving employee issues.
  • Think positive and reap – It’s far easier to achieve something when you think positively than when you are bogged down with negativity.