What do I do with my networking contacts?

What do I do with my networking contacts?


Should I follow up with people I’ve met at networking events? How? 

Definitely follow up with people you meet at networking events, even if there is no immediate promise of business, because you just don’t know where the “net” will end and what fish you might “catch”.

The sooner you follow up, the better. I recommend following up within 2 to 4 weeks, as the longer one leaves it the harder it becomes for people to remember who you are.

A very important point is to make sure you record all details in your database immediately after the event. It is important to make associations between the person and the place where you met so as to not forget who’s who, and then put reminders in place to get in touch.

And of course, remember to follow through!

Phone or email?

Normally follow up with an initial phone call, or email reiterating or confirming your discussion on the day, followed by a meeting.

Another great way of connecting would be to send a free sample, tester, or provide one’s service with an accompanying business card and memo. Follow this up with a phone call. This gets attention.

Be unique so people remember you in a positive light.

Darren Ryder
Darren Ryder is a business mentor at The Hope Factory, specialising in helping SMMEs establish and grow their businesses. He is passionate about South Africa and believes entrepreneurs will play a big role in our future economic development. Historically he has started and run his own business, having come out of full time ministry and 16 years in the manufacturing and textile industry, with a sales and analytical background.