How can I motivate a nationally-based sales team?

How can I motivate a nationally-based sales team?


No matter if your sales team in located in one office or located at different venues around the country, the same rules apply in order to motivate them.


Incentive schemes and perks – whether financial or non-financial, individual, team or group-based – are the answer. You have to reward performance and productivity and get the best out of your employees.

Build a team

Perhaps it is time to explore some quality team building programmes so that the sales staff get together in one place and get to know each other. Take the team on an excursion or weekend away in order to improve their communication and motivation. Find out what they need:

Support the team

  • Find out what your team considers important
  • Communicate with your Sales Team
  • Set goals that challenge your Sales Team
  • Give credit to whom it is due

Provide the right tools for each sales person

  • Prioritise needs as a team and individually
  • Tailor how you use the information by individual
  • Provide the necessary tools for your team
  • A high performing team needs the tools to do the job
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