How do I deliver a winning pitch?

How do I deliver a winning pitch?


Sadly, it is difficult to know if you present well, and more importantly what it is that you are doing incorrectly if you do not present well.

Do your homework first

Before you consider delivering a pitch, determine what it is that makes you different from the competition – what do you offer that they do not? What is your differentiator? Is there a need for what you are offering – and if so, prove it.

How to get people to commit

Find out as much as you can about the target market. Find a gap or offer a better deal. If you offer what others can’t, the target market will find it hard to say no to buying the product or service you are offering. However, you must understand the target’s background and find out if they are tied into other contracts or support another company and are saying no, simply out of loyalty to an older client.

  • Make a brief direct description of your business within the first minute or less
  • Give a clear statement why YOU are the most reliable person in this business
  • Provide a list of references that they can approach
  • To really connect with a prospect, you have to make it about them – their problems, their needs, their company and their situation.
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