How do I know if I’m targeting the right customers?

How do I know if I’m targeting the right customers?


What advice can you give me on verifying whether the prospects I am chasing for sales are actually the right kinds of clients for my business?

The easiest way to check is to look at your current sales and at the top customers, that is those that are spending the most money with you and are buying from you regularly.

Analyse them. Are you making a profit on their sales? If yes, then ask yourself what kind of customer are they? If your prospects are the same kind of customer then you are spot on.

Lorna Powe
Lorna Powe has worked as an executive level business professional for over 15 years. She is experienced in leading business and technology change to ultimately meet strategies, and improve business performance. She is the Founder of SalesPartners RoseBankTM, a global sales and business development company that helps entrepreneurs and organisations increase sales and leadership, improve profitability, and build championship teams. Visit the Sales Partners Rosebank website for more information