How do I tie my business’s products to a customer’s bottom line...

How do I tie my business’s products to a customer’s bottom line to keep them coming back?


In today’s world, the bottom line is every one’s main concern. More companies want to know what you and your product are able to do to impact their sales, improve their business growth, increase revenue and overall, long-term success. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you demonstrate how you can do this.

Knowing how your customer makes money and measures their success must therefore become one of your key goals. In order to do this, ask your customers straightforward questions to learn their goals:

  • How does your business work and how do you make money?
  • What are you immediate and long-term goals?
  • Is there anything that we’re not doing that we could be doing better?
  • What are the most important actions we can focus on to improve your business sales and bottom line?
  • What has changed in your business since we first started doing business together?
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