How do you get people to buy advertising in a brand new...

How do you get people to buy advertising in a brand new niche magazine?


Start calling businesses that you know your magazine’s market would appeal to. Then set up meetings and begin networking. This way you either walk away with a lead or you walk away with a contact to a possible lead. There are so many different tactics that you can try but this all depends on how much you are willing to spend to reel in the clients.

If you are sitting on a tight budget then networking is going to be key for you. You could also consider some digital marketing. Either way you are going to get better results if you plan all of your efforts and target them correctly.

Some questions to keep in mind include:

  1. Who is my ideal client? What businesses do they affiliate themselves with? Do they fit what I am targeting for my readership?
  2. What is my budget to market to them?
  3. Will I be able to arrange networking events so that my potential advertisers see what I have to offer them? Is my media kit complete?
  4. Who are the media buyers in my area? Who do they do business with?

There is going to be alot of work involved in this process but once you are a well recognised, getting and asking for referrals won’t be so difficult. Offering advertising editorials is also another way to offer your potential advertisers additional exposure.

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