How important is relationship building in sales?

How important is relationship building in sales?


This is of course highly dependant on the type of sales role you play. If you are a call centre consultant for example, relationship building is not necessary for you to do your job.

For practically every other sales role however, relationship building is a vital sales function.

People buy from people, not companies. They also buy what they trust. Yes, price can play a role, but more often than not, if you are adding real value to your clients over and above the products or services you offer, your clients won’t choose a competitor based on price.

Fostering trust

The way to build trust in a relationship is by building credibility, reliability and intimacy with your client. Credibility is your reputation. Don’t make statements you can’t corroborate or make promises you can’t keep.

Do you do what you say you are going to do? Fostering this habit will ensure you are viewed as a reliable person – and an asset to the companies you work with.

Finally, are you able to be both real and personal when interacting with clients? If you can become a source of advice and a value contributor to your clients’ businesses, you will close deals. And that’s the result of building relationships.