I need to put a proposal together for the procurement department of...

I need to put a proposal together for the procurement department of a potentially big client. What will they be looking for?


According to Growthpoint Properties’ procurement department, the criteria used to assess proposals is the following:

  • The capability of the business is key. Are you able to sustain your service levels throughout the service period without creating a risk to Growthpoint’s own operations?
  • Do you have the necessary registration documentation, company insurance documentation, VAT clearance certificate, letter of good standing with your bank, B-BBEE certificate, OHS policy and procedures and references?
  • Does your product or service align with Growthpoint’s strategies?

Without these documents in place, a clear understanding of the company you are sending your proposal to, and a firm plan in place on why you should win the business, you are unlikely to seal the deal.

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