I want expand my services to the B2B market. I know what...

I want expand my services to the B2B market. I know what I should write in a proposal but what I am not sure about doing is how I get the proposal to companies.


Research each prospect on your list of possible companies that you feel would be interested in your service. Phone each of these businesses to establish who the key decision makers are.


To send proposals to reach targeted individuals you wish to approach, consider these suggested “do’s and don’ts”  recommended by Shaun Besarab, Group Business Development Manager for Entrepreneur Magazine, South Africa.

  • Qualify your prospect to ensure you are sending your proposal to the decision maker
  • Only include relevant information and be concise
  • Know your objective and visualize the outcome
  • Use terminology relevant to the business you are engaging with (don’t talk over or under them)
  • Ensure that you include an actual proposal component of the message (what you are offering and what the investment is)
  • The information you provide must guide your prospect to a mutually favourable outcome highlighting a win/win situation
  • Be professional and do not use slang or abbreviations
  • Place a definitive time line to the proposal

After you have made the initial contact with a key person

Try to hand deliver the proposal. Allow a few days for the key person to have time to read the proposal and then telephone and make an appointment so that you can pitch the proposal idea in person.

The networking tool

Networking with people is one of the best ways to establish an “in” at target companies. If the key person knows you, even slightly, they are more likely to read the proposal.
Networking provides an opportunity to meet other like-minded business people in a short space of time.

It’s a fact that up to 70% of new business is gained through referrals or relationship marketing, and it is one of the most cost-effective ways of building your business. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for networking events and join online networking organisations such at Linkedin.

Be concise

The thought of writing a business proposal can be overwhelming. The most important elements to include is to show clearly in the lead paragraph that your business can provide solutions and that you can deliver.

A winning business proposal clearly outlines benefits to be gained from doing business with you and that your small business can offer complete confidentiality and meet tight deadlines.


One of the most overlooked elements in business proposals is credibility. It you look at winning proposals one of the reasons for success is that they clearly identify their credibility and back it up with endorsements.

Follow up

It is vital to follow up on each proposal that you have submitted.

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