We supply real fruit smoothies to the hospitality industry. We are struggling...

We supply real fruit smoothies to the hospitality industry. We are struggling to get potential customers to choose our product above those of our competitors who sell artificially flavoured products. can you advise?


One of your biggest challenges as a business owner lies in outperforming the competition to increase your market share. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Know your competitors – you should follows all their advertising campaigns and get copies of their brochures to make sure you are familiar with their key selling points.
  • Market your specialty – Find out what your company offers that is different from all of your competitors and build a marketing campaign around this central theme.
  • Identify new markets – If you market you are targeting is already quite well serviced, try a new one. You may need to tweak your original products to stimulate sales from new customers or launch a new media campaign to target them.
  • Add value – Rather than cutting prices to compete with other players in your market, offer additional value that will tempt your customers.
  • Know your customers – You must, at all times, know what your customers want. Their needs change on a whim, so introduce ways of regularly getting their feedback.
  • Ask for the business – Set up an ongoing marketing programme targeting existing and potential clients.
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