What is the best way to present to clients?

What is the best way to present to clients?


Finding Customers

Attracting Customers

Are you able to allocate a budget for advertising? Advertising is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site which can multiply your client potential. There are excellent tools that you can use including Google Adwords. Click here to read up more on this topic.

A face to face meeting is preferable

A face to face meeting is always preferred if possible, then you can see if you are a strong fit and if you can offer what they need. There are many successful businesses that work through cold calling but in the end it depends on your type of business and also your preferences

Attracting client through the Web

The world of web hosting is incredibly competitive and one of the hardest aspects of running a new web hosting company is marketing to and obtaining customers.

Revisit the business model

There is potentially a fundamental flaw in this business model, our advice is that you go back to the business plan and review your revenue and operational business plans. Designing a website can be lengthy process.

Unless you are offering your clients a DIY website solution where the client designs their own sites (in which case you will potentially pick-up significant user support requests), you will be bogged down with designing websites.

Even if it takes you just three hours to create a site, how many sites will you have to design to just break even? After all of this initial upfront work, you will collect only R74pm. How will you collect your money? Charging a low rate (R74 per month) doesn’t guarantee clients.

And when you do sign-up clients you’ll have to wait 30 days for payments to flow into your account. You don’t want to be chasing clients on unpaid accounts for such a small amount. A way around this is to request full payment.

What materials should be used in presentations and for possible business opportunities?

Start by putting together a special report featuring your expertise. This can be used in presentations or when speaking to potential business partners. This positions you as an expert and will allow you to stand out from your competition.

Make sure that anything you create  showcases the benefits you offer to your customers. Don’t make the presentation all about you. Address questions regarding challenges and then explain how you would provide a solution for that challenge.

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