What is the psychological profile of a star salesperson?

What is the psychological profile of a star salesperson?


The star salesperson is generally a self-motivated person. Author Richard Gaylord Briley believes in the principle of the 5/50 rule. He asserts that 5% of the people in the world produce the affluence and prosperity for the other 50%. If that’s true, then you need to find the elusive five-percenter, who will be your high performing sales person.

Here are a few suggestions that can help identify a good sales person:

  • Look for high energy levels
  • They must have the ability and inclination to learn.
  • They must be able to build positive business relationships
  • They must have integrity
  • Know how to close a deal

Don’t employ sales staff that are:

  • Poor closers
  • Too aggressive
  • Passive order takers
  • Fearful of phoning
  • Unable to build value in the service or product
  • Poor at follow-up skills
  • Unable to get to top decision makers
  • Unable torejection difficult to handle
  • Poor at time manager
  • Not self-disciplined
  • Unwilling to gain market knowledge
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