Do I need a licence to open bowling, video games and kiddies...

Do I need a licence to open bowling, video games and kiddies rides centre in the shopping mall and is it profitable?


What is your reason for wanting to start this type of business? Do you have experience in the industry, is it of interest to you or do you see a gap in the market? If it is the latter it could mean that you have identified an opportunity to make money by filling a gap. Any business can be profitable, and even the best business idea could fail if it is not implemented correctly.

You need to do some research into the industry, speak to existing businesses and speak to the owners of the shopping malls you are looking at. There is a lot more to whether or not a business will be profitable than just the idea. You need to think carefully about the location, the business model, your start-up costs, the target market, your competitors, etc.

It would be wise to take some time to putting together a comprehensive business plan which will force you to look at every detail about the business. It will give you a better picture of what your business needs are in order for it to be profitable.