How do I get into upcycling?

How do I get into upcycling?


I’d like to start a business converting used and discarded materials into useful and attractive items. I’m very aware of the impact that we’re having on the planet and want to show people that you don’t always have to throw things away, sometimes they can be repurposed into something that others will appreciate and use.

When you consider that each person produces between one and three kilogrammes of rubbish every single day, it’s easy to see how upcycling could reduce our impact on the environment. Of course, not all trash is suitable for repurposing.

The name of the game is innovation – coming up with totally new uses for existing items, such as turning an old ball and claw bath into seating, for instance.

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Tracy Lee Nicol
Tracy-Lee Nicol is an experienced business writer and magazine editor. She was awarded a Masters degree with distinction from Rhodes university in 2010, and in the time since has honed her business acumen and writing skills profiling some of South Africa's most successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, franchisees and franchisors.Find her on Google+.
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