How do I go about starting my own stationary and printing business?

How do I go about starting my own stationary and printing business?


DIY option

Begin with research that includes demographics based around your target market. Find out how much competition there is so that you can establish if there is a market for this business idea. Think about what you can offer that is different, unique or fills a gap.

Other issues to look into when starting a business is the cost of equipment, renting premises, hiring staff, insurance, and if you have the necessary skills to run a business in this industry.

Business planning help

Once this is done prepare a business plan. If you are unsure how to write one, read Entrepreneur’s guide “How to Write a Business Plan”, Step-by-Step Guide.

Most entrepreneurs tend to start small and expand later

Find affordable premises that have enough space for printers, copiers and computers, as well as space for document preparation and shelves to stock stationary. Locate suppliers to purchase paper and stationary products and negotiate until you are satisfied with the discounts that are offered.

Advertise and market your services. Hand out business cards, create fliers and post them throughout your community, and advertise in your local paper. You may also consider setting up a website to reach a larger client base.

The franchise option

The advantage of buying a franchise is that you will get all the help, training and support you need to set up a business. You would be using a proven formula, which makes it so much easier to achieve success. There are a number of franchise options available in this industry.

Postnet, Jetline, Minit Print, Minuteman Press and PNA. For more information regarding these franchises, visit the Franchise Association of South Africa’s website.

Mentorship is the answer

If you need support in going ahead with this venture, mentorship can be most useful. To search for a mentor or organisation that can provide the support that you need during and after the start-up stages of business, browse through the Entrepreneur Mentorship directory for details.