I want to open an online store to sell my home-made products....

I want to open an online store to sell my home-made products. What online payment option is best?


The kind of online payment that you use for your online store will depend on who your customers are.

You need to determine whether your target market has access to credit cards or debit cards, or whether they will be using other forms of online payment.

In South Africa, the majority of individuals with access to personal banking have a debit card, and credit cards are much more of a luxury. Fortunately there are various payment methods that take this into consideration.

Before we list some online payment options though, be careful not to overwhelm your customers with too many payment options: The more complex the payment process, the more chance of confusion and backing out. This translates into lost sales.

Here are some available online payment options you can investigate that don’t require individuals to have credit cards:


How it works: Authenticated mobile transaction (AMT) technology turns mobile phones into secure pay point devices. Registration is once-off, and pin-based debit, credit or cheque card details are then safely linked to your customer’s Vodacom or MTN sim card.


How it works: This form of payment allows users to shop online by exchanging their cash for a Ukash code. Like airtime, Ukash comes in values of R10, R50, R100, R200, R500, R1000 and R1500 and can be obtained from nationwide Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Standard Bank AutoPay, and hundreds of convenience stores and petrol stations.

FNB Cell PayPoint

How it works: Offers a secure online payment option to registered merchants using a customer’s cellphone. Customers are able to pay using any FNB transactional accounts like a cheque or savings account, credit card or e-wallet.


How it works: Spend money with your cellphone on a pay as you use basis. No bank account required. Registered users can deposit cash of any value into their m-pesa account and spend any value online. Each transaction costs R2.45.

SID – Secure Internet Deposit

How it works: SID uses a customer’s existing bank account to make secure payments online.


To discuss what kinds of online payment are best suited to your business, contact online payment solutions company PayGate on 0861 102 172 or visit Pay gate.