I want to start out in IT, how do I open my...

I want to start out in IT, how do I open my own business?


This discipline will help you create a written outline that evaluates all aspects of the economic viability of your business venture including a description and analysis of what equipment you need to operate the kind of business you are planning.

Keep in mind that preparing a business plan is an essential step for any prudent entrepreneur to take, regardless of the size of the business. This step is often skipped. Without a business plan, you will not be able to raise finance or sell your business concept to possible future customers.


Before you attempt to write a business plan, decide which IT field you want to focus on. To do this you have to conduct research. Research helps an entrepreneur to clarify, focus and decide exactly what services or products you want to offer, who your target market is and how viable the concept will be.


What areas of expertise do you have and what areas of expertise are you lacking? It could be technological, functional, hardware and so on.  If there are skills or equipment those needs to be sourced, you will have to do your own research using the web and talking to people working in the industry.

If you need to upgrade your IT skills, consider one of the free online courses offered by Hewlett Packard South Africa. These are instructor-led, online business, technology and IT classes and quick lessons, all available 24/7 on a range of topics, including:

  • Building your first web page
  • Intermediate website design
  • Promote your business with social networking
  • Protect your small business data
  • Search marketing fundamentals
  • Small business survival tips
  • Wireless networking with Bluetooth

Search the internet for more learning options

Web development companies offer training programmes that you can find through doing research of your own on the internet. One-day courses include basic jargon and terminology and help delegates gain an insight into search engines and how they operate, ways to make websites successful.

They explain issues such as the key factors in website ranking and the various processes to use to drive traffic to your site. These courses are not free and can range between
R1 000 and R1 500. The following online learning directory will give you the chance to consider the available options when you are looking to further your skills.


There are many suppliers of software and hardware that you can approach in South Africa. You have to decide exactly what services you intend to offer. Once that decision is made, surf the net for reputable companies that can provide quotes and information on the hardware and software you need. Ensure that the hardware and software you are researching are compatible.

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