I would like to start a music company selling CD’s and then...

I would like to start a music company selling CD’s and then branching into a DJ’ing, where do I begin?


Distribution chain

If you are planning on starting a retail outlet so that you can sell music CD’s you would have to make contact with South Africa’s music CD network which is mainly owned by the multinational record companies but there also smaller local independent distributors.


You can get their information from RiSA (formally known as ASAMI – Association of the South African Music Industry). The organisation was created in the 1970’s to represent the interests of a broader cross-section of music industry stakeholders and manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers.


Networking is very important when you are establishing a new business. A good place to start is with The Friends of Arco. Arco encourage co-operation between all the South African music industry organisations from Government through to organisations promoting South African music and suppliers. You can list your company’s profile on their page and you can browse through their partners in South African music industry.

An entertainer

To become a DJ you primarily have to be a music fan who loves spinning records (an art in itself) or playing CDs for a live audience. Added to this, you will need to multi-task, become a master at using the DJ equipment, and above all, learn how to keep your audience entertained.

Part of being a DJ will be keeping up with the latest music trends, constantly expanding your music collection and keeping up with all the latest technology. The good thing is that these requirements go hand-in-hand with owning a retail music CD outlet.

The hardest part of becoming a successful DJ is knowing how to break into the field. There is no such thing as a DJ school. The place to start is to see if you can study under an established DJ in order to learn the business. This will typically be a non-paying position.

Borrow or rent DJ equipment. When you first start out, you don’t need to purchase your own equipment right away. Depending on what type of DJ that you wish to become, you may need turntables, CDs, mixers and basic stereo equipment.

To find our more about equipment that’s suitable for the type of DJ business you have in mind, contact Tuerk Music, one of South Africa’s leading distributors of musical production equipment and accessories. Tuerk Technologies retail arm − Turnkey Music and Multimedia will be able to assist you.

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