Start Manufacturing Toilet Paper Today

Start Manufacturing Toilet Paper Today


1Start manufacturing your own toilet paper today

Toilet paper manufacturing in South Africa

To start and run a business, it is not enough just to have a good, viable idea. You also need to have the right skills, attitude and personality to make the enterprise succeed.

It’s most likely that you will need finance when setting up a toilet roll production business. The toilet roll making equipment is available in South Africa and ranges from R175 000 for the bottom end of the range model to R500 000 for a fully automated machine.

When creating a business plan for this business you’ll also have to include raw material required to make the rolls.

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These are supplied in jumbo tissue rolls and cost from R6 600 per ton. You will also have to take into account staff and rental for a property that is suitable for the business.

Zhauns, a supplier of business opportunity machinery supports BEE by offering a variety of empowering programmes for street vendors, unemployed and disadvantaged groups through consortiums, local and international joint ventures and has financial links which assist entrepreneurs in need of funding. Director Riad Ahmed of Zhauns, says, “Toilet-paper makers can manufacture a roll for less than 50 cents.

“A start-up would need 2-5 people operate a small business of this kind. It takes about 3 months to set up the business and to properly train staff to operate machinery.” Zhauns offer free training when they install equipment purchased through them.

For more information on Zhauns Toilet Paper Manufacturing – visit their website here.

2Speak to owners of similar businesses

Advice on manufacturing toilet paper in South Africa

The best source of information you can find about an area of business, is other business owners. They will tell you in practical terms whether your ideas are feasible or not. To locate similar businesses which can give you advice on any aspect of their business, contact your local Chamber of Commerce.

For support and guidance

If you are going to be a business owner you need to have business skills, even more so than technical skills about your product or service. This means you have to understand finance. You need to know how much your idea is going to cost you, whether it will make enough money to pay back these costs and make enough in addition to satisfy your requirements.

The dti (Department of Trade and Industry) recognises that support in the form of advice from specialist organisations is vital and the offer support groups to SME businesses.

One such arm is Khula Enterprise Finance which is a wholesale finance institution that has well-developed ties in the public and private sectors.

Through these channels – which include commercial banks, retail financial institutions, specialist funds and joint ventures they play an effective role in order to bridge finance gaps that are not addressed by commercial financial institutions in the small business sector.

Looking for DTI Funding? Read this guide.

Which works better buying machinery first or getting orders before buying equipment?

Look at your market before spending the money. It is good business practice to establish if there is a market for your product before buying expensive equipment. For this reason, it is vital to do research and to prepare a business plan.

Renting manufacturing equipment for this purpose may be a solution. Once the business is up and running you can then consider buying your own machines.

Buying outright can result in a huge drain on cash in the first year of business.

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Did you know?

In South Africa a family of four uses approximately one toilet roll every 1.5 days

  • Dalien

    Jumbo rolls costs no less than R8000.00 excluding VAT and transport, for recycled AB grade. A grade including VAT and transport is more like R10500 per ton and Virgin paper from R12000.00 ex VAT and transport and up to R16000.00 per ton. Don’t be fooled. It is not an easy business to enter. If I can find good paper for a reasonable price i could give my clients better product.

    • Sibusiso

      What would your advise be then. You seem to have experince in this business, please share your experince in this regard.

      • Dalien

        The profit margins are very small. Long hours, hard work and a good salesman will help you along. packaging is not too expensive but the suppliers are not keen to manufacture and print bags in quantities that small business owners can afford. The bags are not that expensive, but the quotes for printed bags start at 50000, yes, fifty thousand bags a per size. But as they say, White gold, we cant do without it.

    • Itumeleng Mothibi

      Dalien please mail me we need to do business sir

    • lisacambell46

      Dalien you are very stupid

  • sibonelo

    what machines are used in producing toilet paper and how mach they cost?

  • Hi, the R8000 figure, is it for the machine or for the material used for manufacturing?

  • Nishi Sharma

    Please advise where I can source the raw materials

  • Thapelo maplanka

    tel me how to buy them in south Africa,including prices of the whole set which is a good start for production

    • Smut Matengu

      Hi, can you please email me more info on how to start up this business

  • Sammy

    Having bought that raw materials for say R8000/ton, how much do you stand to make out of it. Show us the numbers Dalien.

    • Arvesh

      About 9000 – 10000 rolls of single ply. ~ 19gsm with each roll of 500 sheets. Sheet length of 110mm x 100mm.

      • Sheilla-Rose Dunn

        I’ve hit a dead end in my research, I’ve been looking for suppliers of raw materials and everyone I have emailed requesting more info tells me they do not supply any more due to constraints. Do you know of any suppliers that would be willing to work with me?

      • kevin

        hie sheilla im facing the same problem, have u had any luck in finding raw material suppliers?if so i would be grateful if u can share that info with me. u can e-mail me

  • Vernon

    Don’t even think about it Jacob. That is a scam and we have lost so much money through this fabricated company.

  • gozirimu

    where can I get the machine used in toilet paper production

  • Kevin

    I have a complete set of machinery for sale, everything you will need for the tissue industry. Including: Converter 2.4m, cutter, core maker, sealer, compressor, A frame, pallet jack, spare blades, bearings, belts, scales etc.Willing to set it up for you, and teach you how to make money. Please contact me on: