Where can I hire the machinery needed to manufacture toilet rolls?

Where can I hire the machinery needed to manufacture toilet rolls?


The local toilet paper manufacturing business has been reported as being a fast growing manufacturing industry. However, all manufacturing plants have certain requirements in terms of machinery, legislation, etc, you need to research those specific to the industry you wish to enter. Here are some ideas on how to research an industry prior to writing a business plan.

It’s most likely that you will need finance when setting up a toilet roll production business. Toilet roll making equipment ranges from R175 000 for the bottom end of the range model to R500 000 for a fully automated machine. You can buy the equipment new or second-hand. A simple Google search will yield a wide range of suppliers, including Zhauns and others, some based in China.

However, before making a purchasing decision make sure that the machine you choose complies with the requisite standards for toilet paper in SA.

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