Do I have to register my company?

Do I have to register my company?


Do my customers care whether my company is registered?

A company (or close corporation, for that matter) is only in existence if it is registered at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), thus it would be very important for the customer otherwise the contracts concluded would not be of any effect.

However, as to whether you use a company or a sole proprietorship in the first place, it is debatable what importance a third party attaches to the legal form or entity that you use for your business.

Yaniv Kleitman
Yaniv Kleitman is a senior associate in Cliffe Dekker Hoymeyr’s Corporate and Commercial practice. He has experience in mergers and acquisitions, BEE transactions, mining law and debt and equity finance transactions. Kleitman began his career as a candidate attorney at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr and was appointed as an associate in January 2009. He was promoted to senior associate in January 2011. He was awarded an LLB cum laude from the University of Johannesburg.