Have two 34 Ton Side Tipper Trucks. Is there any way to...

Have two 34 Ton Side Tipper Trucks. Is there any way to get contracts without speaking to brokers?


Kathy Bell, head: transport solutions, specialised finance for Standard Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance says makes the assumption you are referring to 2 x 6 x 4 truck-tractors with 2 x side tipper interlink combination units with a payload of 34 tonnes per combination. Therefore a gross combination mass of 56 tonnes per total combination x 2.

One would need to understand what the reason for the spare capacity is. How did you secure funding for acquisition of these trucks in the first place. Were the trucks acquired off the back of an approved contract? Did the contract expire?

An approved contract provider looking for an operator with spare loads/volumes will ask for an overview of the business and the reasons for such capacity.

Side tipper interlinks are ideally suited for the mining industry in terms of loading commodities such as coal, chrome and so forth. A detailed technical description of the trucks and trailers will be required by the prospective contract provider.

For instance, are the trailers fitted with automated tarpaulin launching equipment for efficiency and safety? Numerous and critically important criteria have been outlined by the mines. These include stringent medical checks and tests to ascertain if the drivers are medically fit. Likewise, the trucks would have to be in roadworthy condition and extremely reliable prior to being tagged, and to receive the necessary accreditation to operate on the mine.

It is suggested that the operator submits a proposal to a mine (as an example) and that he/she market their services with complete details of how they propose to meet the criteria of safe driver, safe truck and safe load on time every time, at the right place and price. The operator should propose services to be rendered based on thorough market research and networking in the industry.

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