I have 8 years experience in IT and registered a business. I...

I have 8 years experience in IT and registered a business. I already have a full time job and I am scared to quit my job. What should I do?


Many people don’t have the option of quitting their day jobs to start their own businesses largely because of financial constraints.

The best option in this case – if your business idea allows – is to start the business on a part-time basis while you remain employed, at least until your company becomes self-sustaining. For some starting a part-time business is a way of maintaining flexible working hours.

Whatever your reason for starting a part-time business, be prepared for hard work. For a part-time entrepreneur who has a full-time job, time is very precious and scarce – it will take some careful planning and prioritising to ensure you give the business enough attention while not losing focus of your daytime responsibilities.

Planning, hard work, doing something you are either good at or love, and having an end goal can give shape to your venture.

Here are three helpful tips to consider when starting your part-time business:

  1. Have a business plan: Even a part-time business needs a comprehensive business plan – be sure to describe a viable model for generating profits.
  2. Be patient: Because you aren’t spending all your time developing and growing your business, it will take longer to get things going.
  3. Keep your job, business and personal lives separate: Don’t let your part-time business interfere with work and family relationships.