Is it wise to open a store that will be next to...

Is it wise to open a store that will be next to a construction site even though it will be the ideal location once the mall has been built?


It very much depends on the duration this construction might take. It’s great, if your shop will be perfectly located when the mall has opened. But how long will it take? If it’s just for 3 months, no worries. If it’s for 2 years, don’t think about it.

I ask you: Do you have the funds to survive the heavy building phase with little or no business?

If you can survive the tough times, you can turn this situation to your favor:

  1. Start immediately with building a reputation and win as many clients as possible. Do “opening” discounts, offer a loyalty program, and deliver an outstanding service. By doing so, you will have clients knowing about you, even when the demolition trucks are parked in front of your shop
  2. When the demolition starts, offer “they break stuff down, we build your nails” or “we polish away the dust” specials; you know what I mean. Make it fun to come to you even during the construction phase.
  3. Talk to your landlord regarding a lease reduction during the construction phase.

And don’t forget to be prepared for situations when these guys occasionally kill your energy supply.

By and large, if the location will be great in the end and the time until then is not too long and you can afford a quiet time, just go for it.

Otherwise find another place close by, establish your shop and move into the mall when it’s ready.

Good luck and welcome to the world of entrepreneurs!