I want to run my own business but haven’t had the ‘big...

I want to run my own business but haven’t had the ‘big idea’ yet. How can I get closer to my dream?


Being your own boss is a dream shared by many people and you’re not alone with feeling stuck because you haven’t had the ‘big idea’. Here are eight tips for helping you get there:

  • If you’re dissatisfied in your current job, understanding that you are the only person who can change the course of your life can help motivate you. Change can only occur when you make a conscious decision to make it happen.
  • The next step is to identify what business is the right one for you. In order to do this you can do one of three things: Do what you know and do well, do what others do that interests you, or solve a common problem.
  • Once you’ve identified a possible business, write a business plan to help you gain clarity, focus and confidence.
  • Make sure you’ve identified a target market before you spend a single cent. Your business idea and business plan might be a gold mine waiting to happen, but only if you know who your target market is and if they’re prepared to support your business.
  • Understand your finances. As a start-up, chances are you’re going to be your only investor. Make sure you can track finances properly so you don’t sink your household and/or your business. A healthy financial record and conscientious financial management will help you get a loan.
  • Don’t try operate in isolation. Look for people who can advise, become partners, allies or vendors.
  • Create value in people’s lives. Your customers want more than what they’re being sold.
  • Get the word out. Be willing to tell people who you are and what you do with sincerity and conviction. Use social media to help you spread the news.