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Alan Knott-Craig
Alan Knott-Craig is a successful entrepreneur and best selling author. Founder of over 20 companies in the tech space, he was named as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2009.

How To Make Yourself ‘Anti-Fragile’ In The Face Of Entrepreneurial Adversity

A simple lifestyle often goes hand in hand with reaching your wealth and success goals. Here’s why.

6 Frugal Ways To Save Your Start-Up Pennies

If you’re setting up a business, cash flow is king. And cash flow is a function of cash inflows and cash outflows. In other words, you need to be frugal.

When Attracting Investors Go Ugly Early

When it comes to attracting an investor, use the same strategies in the boardroom as you would in the barroom.

Why You Should Follow Your Dreams – Not Your Passion

My last column said to never follow your passion. Don’t forget it, it’s good advice. But not following your passion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow your dream.

Your Passion Could Probably Lead To Poverty

It flies in the face of everything we’re told, but the reality is that passion without purpose (and something others are willing to pay for) just leads to poverty.

You Need To Sell, Be A Salesman, Be A Smous

Want to make your business a success? You need revenue. And how do you get revenue? You need to sell.

7 Ways To Quickly Spot The Wrong Partner (And 3 Tips To Get It...

Finding the right partners is the path to happiness, good memories and success. On the other hand, finding the wrong partners is the path to conflict, angst and failure.

You Need To Commit To The Entrepreneurial Jump

You can’t carry a job and start a business at the same time. Start-up life, like marriage, requires 100% commitment.

How To Become A (Successful) Entrepreneur

It’s easy to be an entrepreneur. Quit your job and start a company. Boom! You’re an entrepreneur. It’s also easy to be poor. Being an entrepreneur is not about quitting your job and starting a company. It’s about making money.


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